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Captive Insurance
A captive insurer (or “captive”) is a special-purpose insurance company formed primarily to underwrite the risks of its parent or affiliated groups. It is quite similar to a traditional, commercial insurance company in that it is licensed as an insurance company, it sets insurance-premium rates for the risks it chooses to underwrite, writes policies for...
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Background Owners with substantial holdings of multi-family real estate properties struggle with deciding on what type and level of insurance coverage is appropriate. Oftentimes, commercial insurance is either expensive, requires significant deductibles and/or has a number of exclusions in the policy. As a result, the owner winds up “self-insuring” by default a number of risks...
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Background Companies in the food and beverage industry have historically operated in a fairly complex business and regulatory environment. In order to be viable, they manage a sophisticated supply chain while maintaining product integrity. Given the consumer nature, they’re operating under some onerous regulatory requirements. Traditional commercial insurance policies oftentimes do not cover all the...
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On Friday December 18th Congress passed the ‘Tax Extenders Bill’ as part of the “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015”. On page 176 were new rules affecting small captive insurance companies. The language is complicated, but in summary: The new rules will be effective 1/1/2017 The 831(b) limit will be increased from...
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The Wage Parity Act places financial obligations on New York home healthcare companies that threaten the solvency of an entire industry. For example, a company with 1000 forty-hour work week employees could have a liability near $5,000,000 in 2015. While self-insured group medical has been attractive to the home healthcare industry, it may not conform...
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With the constantly changing insurance market, construction companies have become some of the most sophisticated insurance purchasers. The risk management department knows that every dollar saved in insurance can lead to a more competitive bid for their next project. Some states have adopted laws that allow workers compensation claims to attach to general liability policies....
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With the hardening insurance market, business owners are looking at all avenues to maintain profitability. A captive insurance company has the potential to be a great solution. Even with low loss experience, businesses are not necessarily seeing lower premiums. This story is true for many lines of coverage including general liability, workers’ compensation, and automobile...
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With the Affordable Care Act looming and companies facing upwards of 50% premium increases, business owners are looking for ways to keep profits and stay in compliance. So, do you have options? Yes. If a business is no longer comfortable with the premium level set by the insurer, it may be time to discuss a...
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Yes, a Captive Insurance Company provides an elegant and tax efficient tool for profitable mortgage bankers to reserve against the risk of being forced to buy back mortgages due to default or fraud by applicants or brokers. Let’s go back a few years to understand why this structure is important. Following the real estate market downturn...
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